Can i automate "pushing" commits to remote github repository?

I'm using the projects feature and I want to automatically push my changes to my remote repository, which is on github (like "if there is a new local commit, push that to github")
How can i do that?


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Maybe periodically run a git command to check for new commits and if found push to upstream.

What would that git command be?
I'm a total noob in git and only know the git clone command.

I did it using this script which i put in crontab to run every minute.

cd /home/pi/.node-red/projects/nodered
git push

Thanks for your help

Just like we have an option to do an automatic commit, IMHO we should also have an option to do an automatic push.

Not specific to Node-RED, it is possible to configure any git repo to push after a commit.

Your project's git repository is under ~/.node-red/projects/<project-name>

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