Can I connect NODEMCU directly to Node-RED?

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I'm new to automation. I want to connect my NODEMCU to NODE-RED. I've seen several videos and everyone says I have to use MTQQ.
Am I required to use MQTT between NODEMCU and NODE-RED?
Can't I connect NODEMCU directly to NODE-RED?
Sorry for my ignorance. I'm a little lost.
Thank you ! :+1:

Hello and welcome to the forum.

I've never tried it, but you could probably make use of a serial link with wires.

However, MQTT is the most common communication method used with the Internet of Things (IoT) and is not that difficult to implement. Lots of people on this forum use it, so help/advice should be available.

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You can also use http. But MQTT is the most common and quite easy to use. But the firmware you are planning to use more or less decide the communication protocol

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I will study more about MQTT. I had seen other tutorials about him. Gradually I dominate. But you solved the main question. I wasn't advancing any more because I always ran into it.
Thank you for the quick answer ! :pray:

Como mencionei com o dynamicdave ... vou ler mais sobre o MQTT.
Obrigada pela rápida resposta ! :pray:

How are you going to program the NodeMCU ?? You have a number of options.

  • EasyESP
  • Tasmota
  • Arduino C++

Personally I use EasyESP for all my Wemos D1 Mini devices, although recently I've also been using Platformio running on Visual Studio Code (bit of a learning curve).

You haven't told us on which platform/operating system you are running Node-RED ??
e.g. Raspberry Pi, PC, Linux box, Windows, iOS, etc..

If you provide a few more details I'm sure people can help you further.

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