Can i control a Keypad 4x4 with node red?

I want to arm and disarm a security system through a physical 4x4 keypad with a 4-digit code. it is possible in node red?

Almost certainly yes. How does the keypad interface with the computer?

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I use Raspberry pi 3 b +. This is the interfece way :

Have you tried using the gpio nodes - can you see button presses in node-red debug?

There are videos (like this one) that may help.

Once you can get every button inputting values into node-red (just use debug nodes to see the values comming in) then we can help you construct the logic for using the inputs as a pass code.

i can't see the button pressed in debug. This is the single way?

See my balena project

This project is based on a python process that is posting mqtt messages whenever a key is pressed/hold/released. Of course Node-RED can subscribe to these mqtt messages.

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