Can I control my MyQ devices via Node-RED?

I found a past topic by @rgerrans via this post but its unclear to me whether I can open/close my garage door or gate using this flow. Anyone using this flow who can answer this question?

@k5map The flow still works for me with MyQ's API's for opening/closing my garage door. I wasn't the original developer just took their work and updated it for the newer API. Feel free to reach out with any questions (been a while since I did it but can probably retrace the code again to help)

MyQ changed their login protocol a couple weeks ago that broke all V5 implementations. Homebridge and Smarttings I think are the only 2 automation systems that support the new V6 implementation with major updates to the login portion. How did you get yours to work?

Just to clarify are you talking about the Chamberlain MyQ wireless thingie?

I have the MyQ bridge (GD to network to MyQ servers) which worked fine until they changed their login type. I'm using Hubitat right now and I was going to use NR moving forward if the interface was restored.

@wecoyote5 ... I also have HE7 but I can only send commands to my MyQ garage door and gate; not able to receive any data back. Do you have your HE configured to receive status updates from your MyQ devices?

@rgerrans ... assuming your node still works with MyQ v6, I read in the node documentation and it requires username, password and serial number. I have the username/password but unclear where I get the serial number (is this the S/N on the device)? I ask because my gate connects to the cloud via the MyQ WiFi device.

Hi @k5map, once MyQ changed the login the driver in HE could not control the door anymore. I've since migrated to an all local control using a dual ZigBee relay and extra remote I had. Then I used the Zooz GD driver to tie all the bits and pieces together and so far that's been working just fine. That being stated, I think the HE team may be adding in the firmware feature that the driver writer needs to complete the updated login type.

I was interested in using the NR version as it seemed to indicate that I can get open/closed position from the API and not rely on an external sensor. And maybe even be able to control the light.

It's been a while since I refactored the original flow to get it to work. I just looked at my flow (I had put in a Configuration node) and I do have an AppID that I'm passing with the userid and password but that is generic (Lift Master / MyQ / Chamberlain API Usage with cURL (and jq) · GitHub). I did look at the web call and it looks like I'm hitting against API v5 so until they shutdown that version of their API we should be fine w/o serial numbers