Can I get information of logged in user in a node in js file?

Can I now get logged in user information when I'm on node-red-contrib?
And how to get it?

Is this a uibuilder question or general Node-RED?

How are you getting users to log in?

I login to node-red with a json file and password

What is node-red-contrib???
What do you mean you log in with a json file?

If you create a small flow demonstrating your login procedure and export it and attach it to a reply someone can take a look and answer your question.

As I answered on Stack Overflow (node.js - Is there any way to get the information of the logged in user on node-red-contrib? - Stack Overflow), you don't.

You are going to need to supply a LOT more context here about what exactly you are trying to do, but at runtime, knowing which user edited the flow is meaningless to processing messages as they pass through the flow. Flows do not run as a node-red user, the users are only for determining access control to edit the flow.

I'd like to thank to Julian and all involved community for the development of nodered-contrib-uibilder. It's amazing job.
For making nice looking professional dashboard, using of front end libraries is mandatory, and there's a big need for contrib-uibuilder compared to uibuilder in my opinion in that field.
I spent a lot of time during last year learning Nodered and fallowing posts, docs, and so on, but what I'm still missing is an example of login mechanism?!
Can anyone provide a working example for user authentication of users on nodered-contrib-uibuilder V5 dashboard?
Many thanks and regards

@nensak I think you will do better asking this as it's own thread, as it's really not clear what the OP was asking about and even with the best guess, it's not the same as your question.

OK thank you, I'll start new one

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