Can I pass Global variables into the Username and Password of a HTTP Request Node

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I was hoping to store a Username and Password in global variables, set from a sort of Control Panel, and then use them in a HTTP Request Node. But how would I pass a password since it's all hidden with ******

You can use a function node to prepare the details for the http request node

Depending on the request you want to make you could do something like:

const user ="myuser" // global.get("myuser")
const password = "mypassword" // global.get("mypassword")
const secret = user+":"+password
const hash = Buffer.from(secret).toString('base64')

msg.method ='POST'
msg.url = "https://myurl"
msg.headers = {}
msg.headers['Authorization'] = 'Basic '+ hash
msg.headers['Content-Type'] = 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

return msg

and pass this to the http request node (make sure to set the method in the request node to - set by msg.method -)


new Buffer is depreciated. Should be using Buffer.from :slight_smile:

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i stand corrected :wink: modified.

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Could I pass user and password as parameters for Digest Authentication?

Currently my flow works fine with hardcoded credentials in the HTTP Request node and presetting headers for Digest Authentication but I would like to pass user and password as parameters rather than hardcoding them.

Thank you.

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