Can I show another local website in iframe

Hi, how can I show in iframe another locally dashboard on custom domain example http://esp:1880/ui esp=

Not totally understanding the question... You want to do this?


Or something like this...


image image

I've a frp sever

When I want to make a connection from the server on the web page with a custom domain everything is fine

But when I connect to the server from another pc it no longer shows me the page that is in the server's local network

I can only guess that, and may be what that error probably says, the "other PC" has no understanding of what "esp" is meant to be. Replace with proper IP address and test.

Yes it works, I have exposed the "esp" pc to the external network and it works, but I would not like to expose the pc that must remain locally to the outside as well, I would like to expose only the server, which by connecting to it shows me the web pages that are in the local network

Well, sounds like your issue is networking related, not Node-Red specific. The node works as is claims as long as it can find the IP.

I know the node works as described and works perfectly, setting the public web page to display the iframe shows it correctly, I wanted to know if there was an option to show local web pages. Thank you for your time and support

That is not how iframes work. They do not proxy the internal web page through to the outside. They just provide a pointer (url) to the other device. If the external client cannot see that end device it can't get the data from it. You need to copy/send the data from the device to the PC tha is visible from the outside and build the dashboard there.

I am glad someone understood the question :stuck_out_tongue:

I can use iframe to display my local webpages (cameras, test HTML, even my NR Dashboard within itself :smiley: ) as well an many basic pages on the internet... so I wasn't sure the OP issue.

Of course I also view them locally, the problem occurs as soon as you connect from the outside

well - it's a problem for you yes - but is working as they are designed.... you can't see that device from outside your network (probably a good thing for security) .

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