Can not deploy - document update conflict

Using node-red on IBM cloud, last night there was some failures (perhaps caused by network) causing my editor to lost contact with the server while I was trying to update codes. After a few clicks on attempting to merge the configuration prompts when network resumed, I could not deploy my node-red.

The errors return are - Deploy failed: {"code":"unexpected_error","message":"Error: Document update conflict."}

This is the error on debug pane -
6/11/2020, 11:49:47 AMmsg : string[20]

"Error saving flows: "

6/11/2020, 11:49:47 AMmsg : undefined


Is there anyway I can manually see where the conflict is and fix it ? I know that these node configurations are kept in Cloudant.

Thank you.

Fixed it by click Restart Flows on Deploy button. Flow editor then asked me to merge again and it succeeded this time.

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