How to create/deploy flows using Admin API without node-red editor interaction on resolving conflicts


As part of requirement, My goal is to create, update and deploy flows using Admin API Methods : Node-RED without user interaction in Node-RED Editor.

I am able to,

create flow using - [POST]
get flows using - [GET]
get particular flow uisng - [GET]<id>
update flow using - [PUT]<id>
deploy flow using - [POST]

I noticed while doing any create, update and deploy operations via Admin APIs, Manual interation on conflict detection and resolution dialogs are required as below,
Conflict detection:

Conflict resolution:

What i want to achieve is,
1.create/update a flow/flows dynamically.
1.deploy flow/flows(modified flow/flows as request body) forcefully without going through conflict resolving steps, not worrying about last revision.

Please suggest if there is any way to achieve this.
Thanks in advance!

I've not looked at this area of the src so don't know for certain but I think the conflict resolution is performed client side and so it's all down to the data being sent to the endpoint. Therefore, If you watch the network tab when you do this from the UI you will be able to see the difference in the payload & headers etc

I don't think the manual interaction is required to perform the create, update or deploy operations via the API. Those popups are a result of having successfully done the update.

You are right. But to reflect the updated changes in node-red editor, there is a manual interaction required to do conflict resolution and merge then deploy.
Is there any way to avoid these process and still have updated changes reflected(deployed) in editor(same window, not refreshed)?

Not that I am aware of. If the browser user has not made uncommitted changes to flow then normally all you need is to hit F5 to refresh the page.