Can not save changes in inject node with repeat option


can not save inject node with repeat option.
After setting the option at specific time, saving it.

Reopening it, changes are not saved.

What did I miss? aqnyone having similar issue?

Do not see an error message.,...


Have you looked for errors in the browsers console?

Hi Steve,

thanks for the hint

Strange messages....

:1880/#flow/4398c3ca.6d967c:1 Error handling response: TypeError: Cannot read property 'enumerateDevices' of undefined
    at get_devices (chrome-extension://gfhcppdamigjkficnjnhmnljljhagaha/content.js:119:25)
    at chrome-extension://gfhcppdamigjkficnjnhmnljljhagaha/content.js:100:5
red.min.js:16 Node-RED: 1.2.9
red.min.js:16 Versions
red.min.js:16 Projects disabled
red.min.js:16 Blocked attempt to load by node-red-contrib-python3-function/python-function
(anonymous) @ red.min.js:16
red.min.js:16 Blocked attempt to load by node-red-contrib-python3-function/python-function
(anonymous) @ red.min.js:16
DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

Do not understand them.....

Thanks for hints

same issue on other raspberry.....looks like an error?

Is that a different node-red install on a PI and the problem is happening in the same browser?

Or is that the same node-red install, accessed from a different browser on a PI?


same browser different server

Then i suspect your browser (or an extension) may be the issue.

Do you have a different computer / alternate browser to test this on?

Alternatively, try disabling all browser add-ons & close/re-open, try again?

Hi, just checked also on another browser, same issue.
Chromium on Raspberry itself

Changes in repeat option not saved

saving it with default time value of 12:00 it is working for specific time
changing the time to another hour is not saved

can you check the console of the chromium browser for errors?

Just also checked another node-red installatoin on an ubuntu server and there it is working withing same browser having the issue on raspberry node-red server

Hmmm. Perhaps another node installed on the 1st node-red is causing an issue with the inject.

Would be good to know what extra nodes are installed on the 1st that isnt installed on the 2nd node-red.


is there an easy way to check and compare installations?

Open the package.json file on both machines (found in the .node-red folder) - look at the "dependencies" entry

installations on both raspberry are same.

Think the issue is, that I entered an time in wrong format without any hint.

so there should be a warning that time format is wrong.

When pressing done, with wrong time format , repeat option is deleted / reset.

this looks like a wrong behaviour for me.

please check.

Thanks for supporting

Can you tell us which field you typed into and what you typed please?

A screenshot would clear this up


specific time:
field: at!

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