Can the forum automatically wrap pasted text in tags?

Over and over we see someone's first posts include code, presumably pasted with CTRL V, but the forum sanitises the content to the extent that it cannot be imported.

Is this behaviour tunable at all? Maybe pasted text could be automatically enclosed within the preformatted text tags?

I know that I can copy and paste an image; the forum knows how to handle that, automatically inserting ![image.... tags:

Unfortunately, the forum is confined to either Discourse's built in options, or optional 'official' plugins to the forum framework.

The Discourse website (and links) give a lot of information about what's possible - and worth taking a look.

I've previously made suggestions about this
subject to the node-RED team and they were very receptive, but many of plugins resolve one problem, but then create another :wink:

If I remember correctly we did try one of the plugins designed to do this, but it was not very satisfactory.

I have moved this to the Meta category which is intended for such discussions I believe.

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