Can we limit number of input wires connecting to a specific node?

I have a operation node which takes 2 operands so I want to limit the number of input wires connecting the operation node.! Is there any way to do that.?

Hi @zubong

You cannot limit the connections going into the Node.

without knowing the design..

your options are.

  • Design the logic to only do what it needs, when both message parts have been received?
  • Use the Batch node


No. that is not a thing supported.

Consider a user may want to condition input to the node via a swtich (or similar) and NEED 3 inputs.

And anyhow, the only way to differentiate inputs is via the msg object any way. For example, this has 2 inputs - but it means nothing!:

In other words, re-think your design. :smiley:

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thank you..! I'll check the same.!

Ok Thanks.! I'll se what I can do.!

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