Custom node's input port disappears if the "inputs" field's value is greater than 1


Node-RED 2.0.5


For my custom node, I allow two input ports, so in node.html, I filled the number of inputs this way

inputs: 2,
outputs: 2,


Knowing that NR supports a single in-port, I expect to see just one in-port at the left end of my node.


  • However, the node in the workspace looks like there are no in-ports at all.
  • There appear to be two out-ports as expected


This behavior feels a bit counterintuitive. Is this by design? Should I remember to keep the "inputs" field as either 1 or 0 at all times?

Node-RED doesn't support more than 1 input. The code assumes the value is 0 or 1. I don't think I've ever tested the behaviour of setting it to anything else, because it isn't supported.

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@knolleary Thanks for clarifying, Nick.

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