Create a new node with multiple inputs directly?

I just want to create a new node with multiple inputs. This node will:
show multiple inputs' ports;
generate {node_id: output_name} in its json,when linked with other node's output.

Node-RED doesn't support multiple input ports


I mean rewriting codes to support it.

Just to clarify... you want to rewrite the entire node-red runtime and editor to support multiple inputs? Something we've said repeatedly (if you search the forum) is not supported?

You'll forgive me if, at a time we're focussed on getting 1.0 released, that I don't spend a day writing out everything that would need to be changed to do that.


Supporting only one input was a fundamental design choice (and a good one, IMO), otherwise the flow engine would have to be a lot more complex.

There was a nice discussion about this topic a while ago here:

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