Suggestion: A simple way to implement multiple input nodes

A simple way to implement multiple input nodes:

  1. define input count and input labels(as a topic) in the html file of the node.
  2. show input ports
  3. attach topic to the input message (just like the join node).

this need to make a little change to the core.

I don't think multiple inputs are part of the underlying design philosophy. But if you really need them, you can use a function node to accept the multiple inputs on a single input and route them to the appropriate output and pretend the outputs are the messages from the multiple inputs.

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The node configuration properties have inputs and inputLabels already, which only need to be implemented in the core.

Why do you need multiple input nodes ? You can differentiate between the input messages (just like the join node).

The topic of multiple inputs has been discussed many times in the forum. Our position is well documented that we have no plans to support multiple inputs currently.

It is not due to a lack of ideas on how it would work, but a conscious design choice we have made.

Already with input and input labels, you only need to modify the core slightly to display multiple input ports, doing a similar job as the join node. This would be a big improvement, but not a violation of the original mechanism

make the flow more readable

Nick has made the position clear.

Multiple inputs would imply some kind of synchronisity that simply does not exist. Every node that supported >1 input would have to make sure they processed the inputs in a consistent way. But there are many ways to handle separate incoming msgs so there really isn’t a “standard” way.