Can we log 2000 tag data into MySQL

I am doing a ems projects in which 2000 tags I have to read and log tag data into MySQL. Is it possible to log 2000 tag data into MySQL from node-red without any issue?
If any use case please suggest.

What is an ems project?

What are these tags?
Where are these tags?
How much data does each provide?
How often?


ems stand for Energy monitoring system.
These tag have voltage,current, frequency, power factor data and log interval is 1min

You CAN use Node-RED for this. Whether you should is something that you will need to work out.

I doubt on performance of node-red when I will read and log 2000 tag on MySQ.I never added this quantity of tag in node-red.

Node-red is very capable. It all depends on how you do things.

For example, I have written demos where 5000 rows of SQL data were written to a SQL Server database in less than 3 seconds (proof) but if I had attempted to do them as 5000 separate inserts, it would have taken MUCH longer.

Another example: I have read over 1000 bytes of data from PLC and transformed it into object/array/parsed/named data. All less that 1 second (more like < 200ms). However, I read the 500 WDs (1000 bytes) in one transaction. Had I read 500 registers (tags) individually, it would probably have taken MUCH longer.

The point is, Node-RED is very capable in capable hands.

Or to say it another way, the quantity of "things" you are talking about are NOT extraordinary but your approach will be important!


I know you have said mysql - but when you mention tags and the sort of data you mention - would a time series database like infuxdb be more appropriate ?


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