Cannot delete flow variable

While trying to setup a oauth2 flow where I want to store the bearer token in a flow variable, I found that I cannot delete the token as I need to scroll all the way to the right to access the icons:

When clicking the delete icon, nothing happens.

I can delete variable via a flow or remove the persistent file and restart NR, but that is not they way to go I believe.

You can make the panel wider by pulling on the left of it!

Why do you think removing a flow variable in the flow is not the way to go? That is why it is allowed, so you can programatically remove them.

Yes you are correct, i meant: i prefer to use the sidebar to control them.

@ghayne, the value is very long and does not fit on my screen.

Perhaps it is an enhancement request; render the icons in the viewport instead of the right side of the element containing the value.
I have now changed it to sit within an object, the value will then be wrapped and can be deleted.

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I thought as much.

Sounds like a bug to me - the buttons ought to be visible regardless of the length of the value and regardless of whatever other options you have to workaround the fact the buttons have been pushed off screen.

Can you raise an issue with the details please?