Cannot GET /mysite


Newbie here again
I have searched & dabbled trying to get this working again


mysite being a flow with a suitable http in

like /tweetwx

but getting cannot GET /tweetwx or whatever the url is

It has worked before, but I may have screwed something up?

Any ideas please !



If you provide your flow, you have a better chance of someone acting as another pair of eyes....

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I'm trying to find a particular flow I copied from this site that worked, but recently I issued an npm command and all the flows vanished when I re-connected (OOPS)
Thanks for your response Zenofmud



Solved it thanks
copied this

Still didn't work, but I noticed one of the other flows was causing an erroe message when deployed ( even though disabled) so I exported the flows I had to a text file to save them, then deleted the flows apart from the new endpoint one, & tested that, and BINGO!

Thanks again


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