HTTP POST from to another flow

Hi Friends ,

i am new to node red. i have a question. i created one endpoint post method in flow1. i need to use the same endpoint in another flows. is it possible? when i tried , i got error message "Error: ESOCKETTIMEDOUT : https://url/api/manager". when i use same enpoint in flow1, its working

what cause problem here?

Thank you

What are you trying to do? You need two end points in the flow to get it to work.
You can send a msg to another leg of a flow or you could store the data in a way that would trigger another flow to get and use it. But not knowing what you are trying to do, it is hard to help.

Hi ,
Thanks for the reply. actually i try to post json object to end point . im asking apologies here. i solved the issue. i forgot to connect http response node with http input.

Thank you

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