Having a problem with getting a http endpoint to work

I created a http endpoint using the http in node (GET) with the url endpoint "/test". This works fine when accessed from a browser and returns the correct response via the http response node. (all this basically from the node-red cookbook).

If I try to access the endpoint using a http request (POST) node with the endpoint URL (http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:1880/test) nothing appears on the http in node and I get an error from the request node saying "cannot post /test" and an error 404.

I must be doing something wrong but a search has not revealed anything to shed light on my error. BTW I'm trying to use the endpoint to receive alerts from Grafana. And although I don't believe it's relevant, NR is installed in a proxmox VM.

Thanks for any advice

The http endpoint is set to receive get requests, not post.
if you want to receive both you will need two http-in nodes, one set to get and the other post.

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Doh! (Bangs head on desk).

I knew there had to be a simple solution. Thanks! :laughing:

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