Cannot install node-red-contrib-ttn

Hi there,

I am using Node-Red version 1.0.0 on Windows 10 and I am trying to install 'node-red-contrib-ttn'
in my pallet it says its installed but instead of the blue ttn node I have the purple one. so not sure if it is installed correctly. Also there seems to be a lot of errors when I use 'npm install node-red-contrib-ttn'
as seen in the image.

I dont know where to start to try and fix this as the error messages dont mean that much to me being a complete novice, has anyone seen this before and know how I can get the ttn node running properly?

Start by looking at the log as indicated in the messages.

Is git installed ?

Thanks for your reply,

im sorry, but what is git?
i probably don't have it installed as I dont' know what it is, therefore where can I get it from and can it be installed on windows 10?

log file is attached but I cant make any sense of it

git indeed does not appear to be installed, so you need to install it first.

If you are installing on the command line, you need to be in your node-red directory, as it explains in the ReadMe of the node.

But even if you were this appears to be a different issue.
What version of npm have you got installed?
You can find out with npm -v


my version of npm is 6.11.3,

have since installed git on my machine, and can open a command window for it

and have manually created a package.json file which was one of the errors (not sure if its in the correct location though)

but has not quite updated the install in node red of the ttn nodes I was expecting, although it says that, node-red-contrib-ttn is installed in the pallet