Cannot read from Pi Zero serial port

I am trying to create a serial link between a Pyboard running Micropython and a Pi Zero (Old model with no WiFi) running node-red 1.02.

I cannot receive any data on the pi using the serial port node (v0.9)
I can send data to the pyboard.
Loopback on the pyboard works.
Loopback on the pi does not.

There are no errors while starting and the node-red log also shows normal opening of the port with no errors when I deploy.

[edit] the pi is running buster.

pushed a small fix to 0.9.1 - the serialport list was not populating - which won't have helped your situation. (should have been ok if you typed it it - but...)

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Dave, I hang my head in shame! The problem was a header pin on the Pi that had not been soldered :scream::scream::scream:.

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