Node-red-node-serialport issue

First time posting so I hope have done this correctly, feel free to point me to the correct location I should be listing this.
I am having issues with node-red-node-serialport version 0.15.0 on my Raspberry Pi.
Looking at the forum I am having an issue like this ( Serial Input - No Response ), but I am on the latest version that I can see.
Node-red version 2.2.1
NPM 6.14.16
OS details
Description: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Release: 11
Codename: bullseye

I have no error message in Node-red and it is connecting to the port without issue, however I get no output from the serial in node.
I have checked the COM port outside of node-red using minicom and I get an output there.
I also noticed that I can send data from node-red to the COM port.
But for some reason I no longer get any input from node-red serial in node.
What can I look at to troubleshoot this further.

I was limited to to images in the main post.
This is the showing the node-red serial out working.

How have you setup the serial config node?

It could be your serial input is waiting for \n but all you transmit is a timestamp number.

I did the stupid thing of trusting my scanner to stay programmed. It lost its linefeed \r once I fixed that it started working again.

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