SERIAL input node issue!

Hi ,
I was using serial input and output node, everything was working fine but after some point serial input node is not working at all in raspberry pi 3 b+, I reinstalled to rasbian OS and node-red server, still its not working. I have checked with python program in raspberry pi serial read is working fine, but in node red input node its not working at all.

Kindly help me please , Thanks in advance

George Thomas

What symptom are you seeing that tells you they are not working?
Also show us the node-red startup log that is shown if you start node-red in a terminal.

Hi, i connection serial input node, connected to the debug node, configured debug node as msg.payload.
Serial input node entered the serial port as /dev/ttyS0.

This was working fine. I could able to receive everything in the initial stage. But after sometime I'm not getting the serial data into (receive) the raspberry pi, I am able to send data.

At some point i was able to get the enter symbol means next line symbol only no other data.

You do not appear to have answered all the questions.
Also show us how you have configured the serial input.

Hi, today formatted everything and re-installed again. Everything working fine right how. I would like to know is it possible the remove the new line symbol at the end of the all serial input. Please find the snapshot.

What have you specified as the Split Input sequence in the serial config?

Yes \n, I would like to know what all are the other split input commands.?

Have you got Add Split Character To Output selected? If you have then remove it. If you haven't got it then there must be \r in the stream too. You can remove that in a function node with a bit of javascript to strip off the last character, or I expect you can do it with a Change node, but not certain exactly how at the moment. Haven't got time to look at this moment, sorry.

Thanks , \r worked