Cannot select/copy/paste with monaco editor on iPad/Safari

I cannot select text in a function node using safari on my iPad. So I cannot use copy/paste anymore (with ace it worked).

I found a similar thread but it seems that the issue there was not iPad related.

I can type in function nodes but I am not able to select text. This happens only on my iPad. I am using node-red 3.0.2, nodejs 18.14.2 (fresh install, no additional nodes installed).

Please help...

Monaco does not play nicely with mobile devices (known issue )

In Android it is problematic unless you use a different keyboard. I have had success with the keyboard named "codeboard" - it works well, but I'm not sure Apple permits third party keyboards on iDevices?

Ultimately, you may have to switch back to the ace editor. You will find this in settings.js of your node red installation usually ~/.node-red/settings.js. Once you've updated the settings file, you will need to restart node-red and refresh your browser.

Thank you for your response.

I am using the node-red instance of the iobroker node-red adapter. Unfortunately all my settings will be overwritten, each time I update the adapter. I thought about it but when ace is dropped in node-red 4 I will face the same problem. And I really like the monaco features...

Alternative keyboards seems to be supported in iOS but I did not find any suitable developer keyboard that fit my needs.

They do, yes.

However, another problem is with Apple iOS Safari - it often lags behind current standards a long way. So if you are stuck on iOS 13 for example, there are a lot of things that don't work anyway.

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