Cant change background of H3 tag in UI template

Dear all, I have simple UI-template , I am trying to make bg-color of H3 to be color black.
But it seems like node-red doesnt allow my simple CSS.
i have CSS like h3{ bacground-color:black} but it is not working. Kindly see pictures why I need to make my H3 and P html tag should be black. Basically the background Div tag is black but not the content.
Thanks in advance!!
faceplate OMS

Have you used your browser's developer tools to investigate the DOM? You should be able to use the "select element" button and hover/click over the item and then see what CSS already exists but more importantly work out the CSS path required to change it.

If this is literally your CSS, the reason is a typo: try it as h3 { background-color: black; }
you missed a k in the word background.

Thanks for all of your answer. I actually see it in browsers and found out that most of the CSS are in class "md-TagElement", So I change all my Tag from Div to md-div, as well as h3 to md-h3. And it is now working.

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