Can't connect Data to influxdb for use in Grafana

Hi I am a new user to Node-Red and don't have any programming experience at all. I am trying to create a Grafana Dashboard for my Tilt Hydrometer. The tilt sends the data via Bluetooth and I grab it in a Raspberry Pi with Tilt Pi I made a function node with the parameters and in the debug window I can see all the parameters that I need!! The problem is that when I import the data to an influxdb node I get an error in Chronograf!!! I have No idea what is going on!! after a few google searches I did find that influxdb can use an Objet String, but I don't know what format or how to convert the data to be able to use it in influxdb!! Can Some share some knowledge??? Thanks!

Perhaps you should show us the error. How are you inserting ? What nodes do you use ? And did you search the forum ? I am sure that the forum already gave you suggestions while you posted this question.

I assume you're using the node-red-contrib-influxdb node?
If so, your input format is incorrect. No tags??
Please compare your format with the example given in the node's readme.

It needs to be exactly the same....

Hi I am very new to Node-Red!! and Java-Jason programming!! this is my first time using it!!! So I don't have any knowledge at the tags!! Paul: yes I am using the node-red-contrib-influxdb node! What I need is to be able to convert the Functions node output "Strings" (the red values on the debug window) to Number values(blue) to be able to inject in Influxdb and then create a Grafana Dashboard!!