Can't handle conflicts using docker

Hello! I'm developing a project with a bitbucket repository. No problem so far. I have a friend that got involved and wanna help. I shared the repo with him but I'm getting error on with branch conflict.

Expected behaviour:

My nodered shows:

When I hit close:

I'm running in the latest docker 64 image. The log shows the following:

5 Jun 15:06:24 - [error] Error: hint: You have divergent branches and need to specify how to reconcile them.
hint: You can do so by running one of the following commands sometime before
hint: your next pull:
hint:   git config pull.rebase false  # merge
hint:   git config pull.rebase true   # rebase
hint:   git config pull.ff only       # fast-forward only
hint: You can replace "git config" with "git config --global" to set a default
hint: preference for all repositories. You can also pass --rebase, --no-rebase,
hint: or --ff-only on the command line to override the configured default per
hint: invocation.
fatal: Need to specify how to reconcile divergent branches.

Help me please?

I found the problem, but not the solution. Just a workaround.

It seems that since git version 2.27.0, git dropped default behaviour.

I've added the default behaviour to the system and now it is working again.

git config --global pull.rebase false

However, this is not solved for new fresh docker. Any tips?

I'm facing the same issue, and cannot run the git config fix due to this error:

error: could not lock config file //.gitconfig: Permission denied

Any update?

I just solved my issue and stopped following the problem. I don't see how my fix suggestion is related to your command.

Is there anyway to resolve this in the docker image? I'm using NodeRed in Kubernetes, need to have an image that doesn't have this problem from scratch.

That should be handled by the repository.

Actually this can be handled by building your own image this way:

FROM nodered/node-red:latest

USER root

RUN git config --global pull.rebase false
RUN git config --system pull.rebase false

Ok, I misunderstood your question. From scratch means that you can make your own build. Good to know that fixed to you.

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