Can't recover mail adresse UI_FORM

I want to use a ui_form to insert my email address and when I click on the "submit" button the address mentioned will be transferred to the "mail" node but I cannot recover this address with the msg.payload
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As the info sidebar help for the email node says

"Sends the msg.payload as an email, with a subject of msg.topic .

The default message recipient can be configured in the node, if it is left blank it should be set using the property of the incoming message. If left blank you can also specify any or all of: , msg.bcc , msg.replyTo , msg.inReplyTo , msg.references , msg.headers , or msg.priority properties."

so you need to use a change node to move the payload from the form to the to field.

Hello, thanks for your response

I tried with a node red : function but I couldn't, do you have an example please?

Maybe a change node like this

Or a function like this = msg.payload;
msg.payload = "hello world";
return msg;

for summary,
I left (To) empty in email node, and I put exactly the same function as you but it tells me an error Error: No recipients defined
I also tried change mode exactly like you and I had the same error
I think that’s because the msg.paylod has name: address of ui_form !!

Well add a debug after the form node to see what the payload properties are...
It may be that you need msg.payload.something where something is whatever you called the "Votre email" field.

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Thank You !

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