Cant see the node-red-contrib-odbc module in palette

I am using node-red v3.0.2 and need to install node-red-contrib-odbc but I am not able to see this module in palettes.

But my other team mates are able to see that and they have same version which I have.

Can somebody help to resolve the issue.
Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum @amar123

Can you explain exactly what you mean by that? Where are you not seeing it?

I am not able to see in the manage palettes from where we install all the modules

This was reported as an issue against node months ago and has not been addressed by the author, it appears that the node has been abandoned.
Are you sure your colleagues are able to see it? There is another odbc node, @ais_automation/node-red-contrib-odbc. Perhaps it is that node that they are seeing.
You can install it manually if you want to, by going into your .node-red directory and running
npm install node-red-contrib-odbc
then restarting node-red and refreshing the browser window.

yes I tried to install bt giving node-red-contrib-odbc command but it got failed.

Run the install again and post the full output that you get. Copy/paste please, not screenshot.
Also tell us what hardware and OS you are running on.

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