Where is the palette manager?



I´m new at the forum, I'm starting with Node red and I,ve seen there are ways to install nodes.
That is going to settings then click on palette but on my window it doesn't appear the option palette (see picture attached)

Does anyone know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance,


So where are you running Node-RED?
What version of Node-RED, nodejs and npm are you running?

(the first two are listed in the startup messages of Node-RED which might also have some useful messages)


The palette manager has been disabled in your instance of Node-RED. That could be because it has been explicitly disabled in the settings file, or Node-RED cannot find npm. It will have logged why it's disabled in the log. Start there to find out why.


I'm guessing (hoping) this is on a Pi. If so then run the upgrade command as per our Pi docs page. Then restart Node-RED.

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Thank you, I'm running node red on my pi.
I will update it and tell you.

Thank you regards from Spain


I update my pi like describe on: https://nodered.org/docs/getting-started/upgrading
It works!!!

Thank you all of you!!

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You're welcome. Have fun !