Manage Palette Is Missing any solution

How did you install node-red on the raspberry pi? Did you use the official installer script?

What version of node red and nodejs is on your raspberry pi?

bash <(curl -sL there is the command that i used to install nodered
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ok. what does npm -v give you?

Also, can you post the startup log from node-red (up to the point it says "Starting flows")

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For the log, either start node-red with node-red or run node-red-log

As for the NPM version - v2.x is far too old. For nodejs v12 I'd expect npm v6 or 7. This will be the reason you have no entries in the palette manager.

If you re-run the node-red install script, include --node14 at the end to force an upgrade of node-js e.g...

bash <(curl -sL --node14

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ty mate it worked i just forced the upgrade like u said

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