Where is Manage Palette in Node-RED 3.1.3?

Hello and Happy New Year!

I have just installed in my Raspberry with Raspbian BookWorm Node-RED 3.1.3 and I cannot find any longer the Palette Manager.

Where can I find it? Please advise, thanks, Daniele

Hi and Happy New Year!

What do you mean, please can you send a screenshot.

Did you click on the bars?
Capture d’écran 2024-01-01 à 12.44.26

I used to find Manage Palette in this menu, but now I cannot find it any longer. It used to be above Setting!

Please help, thanks!

Can you check and show us your settings file for externalModules

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Usually that means that the npm executable is not available.

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Did you install node-red using the script from the node-red docs? If so you many need to run
sudo apt install npm. See this thread for more information.

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thanks for your help.

I installed Node_RED using:

bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/node-red/linux-installers/master/deb/update-nodejs-and-nodered)

Shall I also perform?

sudo apt install npm

Please advise, thanks

No because the script did it for you. Only if the script failed for npm part

Do you see the manage palette now?

I did not have any error while executing the script. I have not reinstalled it yet, shall I?

Can you run npm -v ?

The output is:

-bash: npm: command not found

Read the thread I linked to, it is explained there.

I read it but it is not clear to me what I have to do, can you please explain?

Run the following command because the script is fixed now

bash <(curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/node-red/linux-installers/master/deb/update-nodejs-and-nodered)
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I have just installed the current OS (64bit) for Raspi4 and Raspi5.
Node-Red (3.1.3) was installed using the standard script.
Unfortunately, the Palette Manager does not appear on the Raspi5.
The Palette Manager appears on the Raspi4.
Is this error known?

So can you run npm -v ?

@dceejay there may still be a problem

On Raspi4 : yes
On Raspi5 : no

What does this command show?

apt policy nodejs

Also post the install log please, it is in /var/log/nodered-install.log

I have restart the install script on Raspi5 and npm -v works.
The Palette Manager also appears again.