Can't Send a message content to telegram that pass through a Oracle Node

I'm developing a Telegram Bot who returns a Oracle Query that is built with the User's Input. But after passing through the Oracle node it comes out without some of the msg properties and the redbot out node can´t send the result back.

The project:

The node where I create the NODE:

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Have you checked with a debug what is the payload going into the redbot out node?

Yes, this is the msg.payload from the function

and this is the error the telegram out node returns on the debug window


If I recall correctly you need a Conversation node between the function node and sender node.

which contrib (node-red-contrib-???) node are you using?

I'm using v0.19.5: Maintenance Release

Wait, are you running Node-RED v0.19.5???

That release is very old. Is there a reason you are using that version??

The chat nodes I'm using is node-red-contrib-chatbot 0.18.3.
I know it's old, but I'm new in the company and don't know why they didn't updated it before. Now we're in a project with the IT department to re-structure and update.
Could this problem be some version bug?

That could be part of it. Node-RED v 0.19.5 was released in October of 2018 over three years ago. The current release is v2.1.3 so as you can see you are behind by quite a lot.

In addition node-red-contrib-chatbot is currently at version 0.19.11

That said, you should put a debug node (set to display the complete msg object) on the output of the node feeding the Oracle node and another debug node on the output of the Oracal node to see what changes are hapening to the msg. It is possibel that the oracle node is removing some of the information that you need to send to the chatbot. If so, you night want to mov that data to another part of the msg and then after the oracle node, you can put it back where it needs to be.


Thanks! Using a Switch to preserve the msg object, changing only the payload.content and a Delay to wait the Query before sending the message, it worked.

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