Cast node character limit


Is there a way to get around the 160 character limit of the node-red-contrib-cast node?

Can you, for example, make the mp3 separately and then play that mp3?


you can send audio file using the following msg properties. There is a heep of more info here , file types etc.

msg.payload.url = "";
msg.payload.volume = 50;
msg.payload.contentType = "audio/mp3";
msg.payload.ip = "";
msg.payload["port"] = 8009;

The file are stored in the httpStatic directory
more info here

Maybe I didn't explain it correctly. You can put text in the cast node and it automatically converts it to mp3. The problem is that you can only do this with 160 characters. I want a way around that, so I was thinking to create the mp3 separately via another node, store that mp3, play it via the cast node and then delete the mp3.

Yes and with those msg properties you can play the mp3.

if you are looking for how to record with node-red try

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