Cast to google nest more than 200 char

Hello there, i would rellally appreciate any help.
Is there any chance to send to google tts more than 200 char with node-red-cast plugin?
Or in any other way?
Thanks in advance

1 - In order for someone to have a chance of helping you, it would be a good idea to provide the exact name of the node you are using? i.e. node-red-contrib....???

2 - have you read the node's readme?

Its node-red-contrib-cast.
Yes i have read the documentation, but no suggestion there. I think with this node its not possible directly, but somehow if I manage to change the url, what is sent to raspberry, maybe somehow it might be possible. Or maybe there is some other way. I don't know. I need some hepl from some more experienced node-red users.

I am getting error from Node red, with recommendations like:
"Try getAllAudioUrls (text , [options])", but unfortunatelly i don't understand this, as i am very new to Nodered at all..
I am sending to nodered input node a POST request with text in body part, which should be then casted to google nest. And it works, but only up to 200 char is possible.

I would suggest you ask the author of the node about this.

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