Node-red-contrib-cast outside local network

Hey guys!
I have a simple question. Is it possible to use node-red-contrib-cast with WAN? I have my node red running on IBM Servers and I want to cast stuff to my Google Home. When Im using my PC as server everything works fine but on IBM it says there is a client error.
PLS Help!

I would think you would have to forward the port to the local ip of your google home device. I have never tried though.

I believe you'll need something like igmpproxy or multicast-relay.

I just struggled with (LIFX bulb) multicasting when moving them over to another subnet on my home network. I solved this with OpenWrt's relay package but I really can't help with this more than this.

If you're planning on doing the same over cloud, you'd likely also need a VPN of some sort. Of course there might be a specific solution to do this but simple port forwarding likely isn't enough.

All the info I read was in the context of OpenWrt router firmware but the same techniques should work on any Linux system. You can use those keywords for when searching then decide if it's something you'll be willing to dig into.

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