Google cast from Nodered not installed n WAN

Dear all,
I found cast node which I find very useful.
My node-red installation is not residing in my local LAN, but on the server in the cloud.
I created port forwarding rule for port 8009 (Google cast) and configured IP to my WAN IP. I tested port forwarding rule and connection comes to the google cast device, but neverthelles, google cas ftom Node red is not working. I get "client error". Does anyone have any idea, what can be wrong. have anyone managed to get it working from WAN?

Noone achieved to get cast working from nodered running in WAN?

JFI I just installed it on my Win10 PC and it successfully spoke to me so the node does basically work

Yes understand. But you're running in on local network. I am running it from outside network.

I knew that but just wanted to let you know that the node basically works - some contrib nodes don't :slight_smile:

I can easily imagine that trying to use Chromecast over a WAN isn't easily possible - searching using google finds no successful results

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