Been using node-red-contrib-cast for months, then yesterday just stopped working and get error,
Not able to get media file via google-tts:get token key failed from google. I did google it and found this install: cd ~/.node-red/node_modules/google-home-notify`edit package.json and change the dependency on 'google-tts-api' from '0.0.2-alpha1' to '0.0.3', but have no clue how to do this, running node red in Docker on RP4. any help much appreciated

Are you using the latest version of the cast node? It was updated two weeks ago.

yes, update all the other day

I see multiple users have the same issue.

Was the workaround you found for the cast node? If so then does that file exist on your system?
Edit: I see you are using Docker so that will change where the files are and I don't know much about Docker so probably can't help with this.

Sorted, use node node-red-contrib-castv2

Hi @M-a-r-k could you please share how you used the new castv2 node? this is breaking for me as well

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Hi @M-a-r-k, this is the function that I use to send voice messages to Google Home with node-red-contrib-castv2 and it works for me. See i8beef / node-red-contrib-castv2.
I hope you will find it useful.

var text=msg.payload; //The text to send comes in msg.payload
  payload: {
    app: "DefaultMediaReceiver",
    type: "TTS",
    text: text,
    speed: 1, // optional to adjust TTS speed, defaults to 1
    language: "es", // optional to set TTS language, default to en
    metadata: { // optional unless desired, follows normal metadata rules noted above
      title: "Media title"
return msg;

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