Catch warnings (yellow errors)

Hello there,
has anyone any idea on how to catch these warnings from the opc-ua Client node?
or from any node that puts out warnings.

Kind of like a Catch node but for warnings. It would be useful to restart the flows when I get a specific error from any node.

Node-Red version: 3.0.2
Plugin version: node-red-contrib-opcua v0.2.289

Same question here...

See post #4

Actually not, I'd like to catch warnings to use them in another flow/node, the question you quote is asking for a removal/disabling of such warning messages.

It's very similar to this one:

Sure, ok, it was implicit I guess but I was trying to point out that warnings are NOT catchable. (the reason other OP wants to disable them)

Sorry i wasn't clear.

You would have to request to the author that he changes these to errors AND includes the msg object in order for them to be catchable.

Alternatively, request that warnings are output on a separate output of the node.

As it stands, it is not possible.

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