Intercept yellow debugging message

how can I grab the hint that is displayed in the in debugging with a node?
I do not want to pick up all probes only those that come from node: SandraXI.


See if a Catch node linked to that node picks it up. If the node is well written then it should.

[Edit] Or is that just a message you are displaying using a debug node? If it is then you don't need to grab it, it is already in the message you are sending to the debug node, so what is it that you want to do after 'grabbing' it?

Thats a message send with node.warn();
Im not sure the catch node can actually catch those.
They should appear in the syslog so i guess you could watch there with a tail node but you would have to filter out a lot of other stuff.

What is that node?

Apparently not.

@weiti If SandraXI is the name of a function node you have written, I think you have two choices. You could use node.error instead of node.warn and use a catch node as @Colin suggests, or you could put your message in the status text and use a status node to catch it.

If SandraXI is a third-party node, you may be out of luck. It might be worth considering whether the catch node (or a new, similar one) ought to have the ability to catch warning messages as well as errors.

I think its this one

(i use it too).

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