Catching Error Serial Port Node

The serial port outputs an error to the debug console as well as node red CLI but is not caught by catch node as indicated. Is there a way to catch errors or may be
that I am not doing it the right way. Appreciate any help.

It is a good idea to give your debug node names, then it is clear which message comes from which node. That would help to understand your image.

Try using the status node instead as that should reflect the status of the connection.

@Colin Thanks for your involvement and taking time to help resolve the issue. Really m sorry for not being meticulous in this regard and although Yes, it is always better to name the debug nodes as it is here the debug nodes names (onstatusand catch) as well as system-wise generated msg, all have the title as msg. But all the msg shown above were not picked by any of the debug nodes, rather these are system-wise errors as indicated by the pink colors on the sides, which should have been taken over by the catch node but not done.

@dceejay Thanks for the guidance. Initially tried to catch the error status of Serial node through Status node (as in above flow the status node was meant to do this). But errors are not taken by status node, only the status's like connect, timeout, waiting and OK are picked up.

Or, you want to point out that absence of connect status at the moment when one is expecting a connection is reflected as an error on the port.

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