I would like to know how to check the serial port unconnected message

I would like to know how to check the serial port unconnected message.

For example, if you set msg.status.text in the debug node like the status node, you want the serial port or mqtt to check the unconnected messages in the debug node, just as the connected or connected messages are still activated.

I want to know if it is possible to receive disconnected messages from the debug node.

Below is the picture.

I want to receive the serial port COM5 error message I want from the debug node.



(Only my opinion) But I think it is bad news and bad news.

If you want to know if there is a (as per your example) a com5 port, you would have to check that at the O/S level.

The picture you put with the status node won't work like that if you want to monitor the port's status.

Ah, I want to receive the error message that I want to connect to from the debug node.
I know what kind of error it is.
I made it like that on purpose for testing.

Sorry, but I am still not getting the bigger picture. Debug nodes don't send messages, but I'll try to read around that.

From where is the error message coming? The COM port, or somewhere else?
Is the COM port only for sending the message else where?

I am also not the best person to be replying, as I have little work with COM ports on/in Node-red.

A message stating that it is connected sends a message from the status node to the debug node.
If you set status.text in the debug node, it says connected or connecting.
However, the error code cannot be checked in the debug node.

No - you are correct - the error code can't be checked in the debug. For a couple of reasons.

1 - the debug is looking for status.text. Not what the error is.
2 - errors are not status messages.

If you want to see the error message you may need to use the catch node and point it to the com port node.
(open the catch node and change it from ALL NODES to SELECTED.)

That may help you. Not sure.

The debug node is just for displaying the content of messages. You can feed the status node into, for example, a Switch node and check the message content in there. Or into a function node.

Sorry Andrew, I see I replied to your post instead of @Athurian.

(Sorright. We all make mistakes.)

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