Problem with node-red-node-serialport. No debug message

I was working with a serialport node today and have a weird problem.
The serial port is recognized in the editor and is connected.
I have a serial to TTL converter with short circuit TX to RT pins.
When I send a debug message I do not get it back to serial in.
TX and RX LEDs light up on the converter.
Also the converter works correctly with RealTerm.
I tried uninstalling and installing serialnode, the situation is the same.
Serialnode is 0.10.0.
Node-RED is 1.0.2 on Windows10.
node.js is v12.13.0

What else could I try?


I made a program in Arduino that sends "Ping" and then "Pong" every 1000mS to a serial.
In the meantime, it waits for serial input and, if any, send it to a serial.
"Ping" and "Pong" are printed normally and the input data does not (in Node-RED).
Everything is fine with the Arduino serial monitor.
I also tried on LInux, on the new Node-RED installation, the situation is the same.
Is anyone interested in how his serial out behaves?
Thx for any help!

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