Node-red-serialport Serial-in Debug No Messages

I cannot get the Debug node to display received RS232 data on the debug window.
Data is being received because I see it come up on a terminal with the comand "dd if=/dev/ttyUSB0"

Any thoughts?

Started working. Will update once I find the reason

Needed a "Line Feed" at the end of a string for Node-red to pick it up.
If anyone understands, can you elaborate?

ow have you configured the serial port ? default is to wait for a \n character - so unless you change that....

I understant now. Thank you dceejav

If you don't want to split on a particular character there are other options, click on the 'on the character' dropdown to see them. Look in the help text for the node for descriptions of the other options.

Thanks Colin for the tip. My earlier difficulty was due to the serialport node by default requiring something other than the data I was sending for it to be received. Now that I realize that, I'm good to go.

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