Change already installed module


i try to change or rewrite a already installed module.

install path under /var/node_modules/node-red-contrib-xxx/lib/xx.js

i try to fix some stuff, but it doesnt take effekt after i saved the file.

is there any node-red cache, or something else ?

how can i made this done.


You also need to restart Node-RED for it to load the changes

Hi, yea i tried this serverall times... no effect.

i stopped, waited and started again.

and i restarted.

code changes has no effect in the dashboard..

the file is changed, if i connect via scp and check the file...

thank you

what were the exact commands you used to stop/start node red?
how did you install node-red?

when in doubt, you could reboot the machine node-red is running on.

An installed module should be in ~/.node-red/node_modules ?

Hi thanks for response,

restart of entire rasberry did it.


Try node-red-stop; node-red-start next time