Custom server side node changes not updating

So I have a project where I have custom nodes and some other node modules that support those, and I have used this source on another machine just fine. I installed using the debian script and everything across all machines seems to be the same and working fine in the default context.

I added the package.json reference to the dev dir that I base my package/node modules from (just as I have done before), and the first time node spun up it shows all my nodes there, and if I leverage them they work. However on this particular install every time I try to make an update to the source, it never takes the change. My original content that it first picked up works, I have the console log in debug mode and no errors there, I use the following to stop install and restart it
npm install /home/dev/project
all of which have worked on other machines....there aren't permission issues anywhere.

Anyone have any ideas, this is baffling me?


Are you in the user dir .node-red when you do the install ?

Hi. Thanks for responding. Well I have a script that does that above from that dir, but I have tried it manually from both locations actually and neither have seemed to make a difference. I was wondering if there was a cache in between somewhere, but couldn't imagine that would be the case just from a general node.js sense. I mean even if I add some local console out on the event it still fires but no output. Have also tried changing obvious stuff like labels. no luck

Bad pointers in the package files, directory was duplicated within itself when the migration script that loaded the content was there. Apologies as this was right in front of my face :slight_smile:


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