Node-RED restart require every time when i install updated version of my Nodes

I'm new in Node-RED' Nodes development, I have created a set of nodes to perform some specific tasks, These Nodes require continuous modifications and updates.

But whenever i install update of my Nodes in Node-RED, Node-RED force me to restart the Node-RED. I can see that the update is not required by other Nodes in Node-RED, That mean i'm doing something wrong.

Can anyone please explain(if possible) how it works.
Thanks in advance.

When developing, it is easiest to work on a local copy of node-red. You can then install your developing nodes using:

cd ~/.node-red
npm install /path/to/your/dev/code/

But you still need to restart node-red to pick up the latest changes to the .js file. You can simplify this by using something like PM2 with its watch feature - simply watch for changes to any key files and force a restart.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @TotallyInformation for your valuable and fast reply, using PM2 will also helps me in creating Nodes better.
But, I think i'm not able to explain my question correctly.

Actually, My Nodes are already published on npm and i'm installing my updated node from Node-RED' pattels manager. When install was complete, Node-RED force me to restart(in my case).

While updating other nodes (like dashboard and other good nodes) restart is not forced, Nodes simply get updated.

Am I missing something or third party nodes require restart. (Sorry for dump question)

What dependencies have you got in the node that does this?

Ah, I see. Odd. I've never worked out what causes that myself. Not had it happen on one of my nodes but I've certainly seen it happen.

My experience. After installing a new node, no restart is needed. But updating any node Node-RED requires a restart. This is also true for dashboard.

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