Update API endpoint to update a node in Node.RED server without restart

Hi guys!
I was wondering if there a way of update a node through an API endpoint.
i.e. I have a node already deployed on Node-RED and I perform a change in the html file, I want this change to be displayed without the need of restarting the server.

If you edit a node's html you need to restart Node-RED to pickup the change.

There is no API to avoid doing that.

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I thought this was quite succinct

(in reply to post by @MParrao who them deleted their post)

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So there is nothing similar as an npm update or something? For example when you deploy the node for first time Node-RED notice this and updates the palette, there is nothing to re-do the install to pick up the changes? (Besides restarting or uninstall and then install again)

With any node.js app that is running, if you run npm update to upgrade one of its dependencies, you need to restart the node app to load those changes.