Force node-red server to reload deployed files without restaring from command line


I'm not using node-red web editor to create my files but i want to use node-red server to run them. (webserver is fully disabled)

Is it possible to relad the deployed files in .node-red directory (flow json file) without restart the server?

I tried to modify the file manually but it didnt work until i restarted.

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You only need to restart the service not the server (after modifying file).

Alternatively, you can modify flows via http API (then you don't need to restart the service)

Yes, i know that you only need to restart service but i was looking for a method without restarting it.

http is disabled as i said, so thats not an option.

When api is used , does it restart the service too, if it restart the service then it must be the wayt, but i'm just asking if web api uses other method to reload

:thinking: maybe if you said what you mean then?

No, but when you deploy using API they (the deployed flows) become active (the service doesnt re-start so to speak)

But as you have said "http is disabled" then depending on what you have disabled / how you have disabled it, then the HTTP Admin API will also be inaccessible (not 100% certain) but you could always try. Here is it for reference.

i mean the node-red server.

Thanks for the tips

The server is a computer (actual or virtual), the service is a service running on that server.
My understanding that using the API is the same as clicking the Deploy button with the modified flows.

So either you restart the service - in which case it reads the flow file and runs - or you do an http post to the admin api with the new flow file. So it depends how disabled you have made the http interface - if completely then yes you have to restart the service. If you have disabled http user access but maybe left admin access only accessible to localhost (bind to rather than - then you could arrange another process to do a post of the the flow locally.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

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